Speaking Events


Our doctors speak worldwide on the topics of Natural Healing, The Wellness Lifestyle and Human Potential. Their dynamic presentations inspire audiences of all kinds, from the specialists in science and healthcare to the general public interested in awakening to the life they were born to live.  

Our doctors offer action steps and techniques to help individuals awaken at the core and make immediate changes in their life, creating a healthier tomorrow.

They speak of personal freedom and making choices that will create a healthier life for yourself and those you love. They uncover the layers of self doubt and low self esteem. Their techniques allow you to reject limiting belief systems and habits, and replace them with the self talk required to create the life of your dreams.

Their seminars have helped thousands of people live better and break free from limiting habits. They have been interviewed on various television shows, radio programs, led wellness retreats and have been the keynote speaker at multiple conferences and personal growth events. They are available for weekend retreats and seminars, full day seminars, half day seminars, lunch & learn programs, and keynote presentations.

Seminar titles Include, but are not limited to:

Wellness 101
Eating Well
Living Well
Moving Well
Balancing Hormones
Awaken to the Life You Were Born to Live
Raising a Healthy Child in a 9 to 5 World
Performance Nutrition