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Member Testimonials

“My one year old son has been under care because he has suffered frequent ear infections. He has been on numerous amounts of antibiotics and over the counter medication. Nothing worked until now! Since he has been getting adjusted my son has not had an ear infection. My family experiences better function with Chiropractic Care!”


“Since starting Chiropractic Care, I wake up with no pain, my disposition is great, Life is fun and easy, and I finished my first marathon!”


“Since starting Chiropractic Care, I not only have less pain, but I am not as irritable. My relationships are better. I can't imagine my life without Chiropractic Care.”


“My first experience with Chiropractic was with Dr. Carpenter. She was very gentle and understanding. I have come a long way while under her care. I can now travel, hike, walk, and swim. I feel like I have my life back. Thanks!”


“I haven't felt this well in 20 years! I had been told I had arthritis and that medication was the only thing that would help me. I tried to deal with it for years. I finally found Carpenter Chiropractic Center . They have helped me function better and helped my alignment. I had never understood the relationship between nerves, my muscles, and body. I tell everyone that they should try chiropractic!”


“Due to the shoulder pain I had lived with for years, I had become reclusive and irritable. With Chiropractic Care, I never have that pain and I am happier with my life.”


“My allergies and sinuses were so bad I had considered relocating to another state. After beginning Chiropractic Care I can function in my day to day life and no longer feel I need to move.”


“For me Chiropractic Care is preventative. I know my life is better with it. It is a part of my Lifestyle!”


“Since coming to Dr. Kim my whole health picture has changed. I am back to working out. I have more energy. My problem areas have been corrected. Thank You!”


“I use Chiropractic Care to help me meet my athletic goals. I function better and my quality of life is better with care!”